Beating procrastination

Procrastination is the prince of poor decision. That's what i know yet somehow my attempts to do the most spectacular things are thwarted by an obsessive need to cook or clean.Mirrors become spotless, new recipes with even more delicious names, and curious ingredients suddenly consume me.

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Why do we procrastinate? Is it a fear to do, or a fear to face. What do i mean by that? A fear to do is the process of hardwork, engaging in the systemacy of it all. Yet a fear to face. Is the terror to even think about your prospective outcome. Simplifying it, "i couldn't bare the disappointment." Syndrome. It's alright to be hopeful, and disappointment sucks, but it's better to have tried and been disappointed, than not even trying at all. They say there are loads of excuses for failure, but none for success. So what happens if you don't even try, are you mute and have to leave the room. Just do it, just go for it. So whatever positive progressive things you have on your mind people, just do it. It hurts less to try and fail than to not try at all.

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