The Euphoria of Jewels

Lets face it. There's a feeling of real Euphouria everytime you don yourself with some glam 'ice.' That belief that this new item, this sparkle, will add that glow to lure the man of our dreams, or hypnotise passing strangers.expensive diamond jewellery
I call that moment the eclipse. That shining moment. I heard a fantastic metaphor recently, it wasn't just about jewellery, it was more about life. Someone said, when you light a candle, it's not placed under a bed, but in broad sight, so this candle can what? So it can shine. I don't know about everybody else, but it feels real good to glow.

I love the amazon selection of jewellery and accessories, because for one, i feel less guilty about shopping online, for two they have items which i've never seen anywhere else, and for three the hottest guy approached me a while ago.
His opening line was, "i like your earrings'." Sadly a shallow side to me was exposed, as i quickly whipped out my phone and didn't even wait to be asked, but literally threw my number at him. I'm not a shop till you drop kind of person, but i do admit, there is a Euphouria that comes with investing in your image, and celebrating your iconic status.


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