How to get rich and why?

Two years ago, i'd been prewarned. I walked into the house with my recently bought box of foreverr living products. My sister shook her head, and we laughed together. "Jesus you've been had as well?" I nodded fully embracing the hillarity of the situation. "Didn't you listen to what i told you about my experience with them?" I shrugged. I didn't care. I wanted to make my first million wether it was through forever living, or avon. The talk was there, the gusto was there, but the strength of the why was not. Why did i and why do many people want to make a fortune making money, to change their life, and to improve their lifestyle. I would want to make a million so my family would have more accessibility, financial freedom, have our own property, run successful businesses, have money in place to start investing in the next generation. The why has to be strong enough. Words are not enough when trying to take on a goal of such audacity. Why does a woman like me believe i can, why do i feel as though it's possible? Because other people have achieved this goal. Other people have pushed on and triumphed, other people have the audacity to believe they can travel to the moon and back, why on earth shouldn't we? If you have a goal, push on. You may just have started and see it as incredibly hard work, but push on anyway, the outcome may put a smile on your face.


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