Jazzing up the juice: Getting past Writers and creative blocks

Wow so as a writer, i seem to find myself, producing ideas yet intimidated by their vastly diabolical concepts. Have you ever had an idea that's so brilliant, you don't know wether your the one to write it, or produce it? Do you find yourself glorifying publicly, yet intimidated by a blank sheet of paper, or a buzzing screen that glares at you like a warden. I've decided to do as suggested,anthony robbins said write for the wastepaper basket. Structure wise, language wise, it can all be edited or redrafted. If you have nothing, you have nothing to work with. If youre a creative, someone with an idea, a goal, or a visual, just do you. There is no other choice. Often we awe at the greatness of those that came before us, hungry to fall in step, chomping at the nail, basking in a fear, that at times can be stifling, at other times is the lucozade you need. The push, the climax. Then the other part of our brain locks in, the part that thinks about how to make money , and structure,and exaggeratedly questions every miniscule agenda. Questions about audience and marketing campaign,a voice that whispers it's futile. Your like the girl that dyed her hair red convinced that no other red heads exist. Or the guy that bought himself a laptop believing no one else in civilisation knew what it was. How ridiculous? We have to ask ourselves the right questions. How can i make this work, how can i enjoy attempting to make this work. Create two stages, the personal stage, how does this appeal to me, why does this get my juices flowing. The second stage how will it appeal to others, how do i get their juices going?


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