Market envy: Your unique selling point

I could go into one of my self acclaimed rants about envy, or i could aid you in this way. Every product has a unique selling point, something that attracts audiences, and makes them invest. What is market envy? Market envy is the cup that sits on a shelf wishing it were a plate, or the plate that groans in the dishwasher convinced life would be easier and he would wash quicker if he were a spoon. Market envy is the product of not accepting your own unique selling point. it's looking at the market and wanting to be everybody's everybody, feeling inappropriate and jealous of the lives of others. Lets try and be content with who we are, and what we bring to the table people.Have you ever seen a cup thats glued with a spoon, a plate, and a knife, how do you pick it up? How would you sell it? Or market it to an audience? Would it be accessible? Or would someone just pick it up and go "koooooooooooooooooool" then put it back down again? It's great to be diverse, anyone in business knows diversity brings in a lot of money. Yet it's an even hotter topic to appreciate the core of who you are....although i get we all have our moments.Yet we all search for that bit of freedom within our identity, to enjoy our life journey with our own unique self identity. Jealousy and sabotage is like admitting your not good enough. Does anyone really want to be saying that out loud?


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