An Amazing woman:Intern fights to support abused autistic children

After experiencing negative behaviour, and bullying in one of my work places. It gives me pride to say there are still many people out there who have the guts to do the right thing, and stand up for those in a vulnerable position. This intern reported a techer that was abusing kids with autism. After being told to keep her mouth shut by the dean,told by colleagues it wa probably her own perspective, even at the cost of loosing her position and having to start from scratch. She knew what was right, and she did it!!That's what i call guts.

You can subscribe to her on youtube, her name is motley prism

As a society we should do al we can to support people like this, because it isn't just 'their perspective', they have reason to be alarmed. An adult bullying a child is as disgusting as it gets, a teacher bullying an autistic child...that's just pathetic.


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