The million dollar immigration question

America and the immigration issue have literally swallowed the news media consistently. I have my own interesting take on it. For example a lot of people who are anti immigration are frustrated that their missing out on job opportunities, housing, they feel the benefit system is being defrauded, and many complain that they almost feel suffocated. Well a lot of immigrants are going for jobs that these individuals wouldn't look twice at. I find it quite amusing that many argue as though being an immigrant means your automatically given a better quality of life. The delusion is that these immigrants haven't had to sacrifice anything, they haven't missed out on familiar surroundings, are not in any shape or form entering slightly hostile arena's. There are those who complain that immigrants enter their country and seem to be magically progressing.

Yet if you asked some of those individuals how they use their time, you'll find a host of wasted time and wasted opportunities. It's almost as though there are some that don't even want 'illegal aliens' what a term, to have an option. Most of us want to live an idealistic existence.Have the best stuff for ourselves and our families. Here's the thing though. A mercedes benz will still cost thousands of dollars, i can't imagine a car salesman with a sign saying special offer, or discounted prices for illegal immigrants. A million pound mansion will still require a million pounds. A holiday will still cost the same fee.Shouldn't things be more about improving the economy, than petty squabbles about who should be allowed to work to do so? It's a question not just for America, but for the world. Why do we need to be so separatist? Why do some need to be looked at as Alien whilst others are accepted as 'belonging'? Most people have migrated from one country to another country over decades of generations, so who are the aliens? Isn't everybody just trying to find their feet? Is this more about prejudice than protection? illegal immigrants


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