Defining a positive focus:

List the top ten things that make you positive, focus on them and expand with as much creativity and passion:

For example the top ten things that have make me feel confident and passionate for the new year:
number 1: Focussing on the positive things i have for my future
number 2: Celebrating that there is a new year, and loads of positive change to be had. New year means new opportunities, new mindset, challenging weak disciplines.
Number 3: Lately the sight of happy couples puts a smile on my face. It's amazing to have that person to share your future with, and the joy and laughter it brings to others is beautiful to witness. I am a hopeless romantic and believe i'm on my way to a spectacular future with a great partner
Number 4: News of positive healing taking place. Messages that people who were unwell are being healed, renews my faith dramatically.
Number 5: Making progress on my novel, poetry or photography
Number 6: Listening to motivational speakers who inspire the day, and set the mood for vision and prosperity
Number 7: Hearing someone achieved an amazing success during a troubled time
Number 8: The days when i'm going for my walks and feel infinitely connected to the universe. When that buzz, or that feeling hits you, of extreme happiness.
Number 9: Reading a book or an autobiography, that inspires you to be great. Convinces you that anything is possible
Number 10: The love i have for my family.Who have been through many a journey with me, and still create a sense of laughter, fun and vibrancy.

What top ten things help you define a positive focus?


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