Kaleidoscope: A crush and a magnifying glass

(rejection by staged)

The problem with having a crush, is that you find yourself projecting all these feelings, emotions, and potential scenarios into the mix. I recently got the wake up of my life. I came out to say goodmorning to my crush, and i swear to god he looked at me as though i'd grown two giant heads. Ouch right? Ouch indeed. I came to the conclusion that whatever i was reading in that scenario, i desperately needed to stop reading it. There's shyness which he's known for, and then there's that look which tells a million stories in one go.Why do i look for inane none progressive scenarios to over analyse and disect under a microscope? Am i really that bored? Or am i simply just a hopeless illusionist, rephrased, romantic at heart.There are certain area's of communication i haven't been perfect at, yet all in all i've learned to sense when a guy secretly enjoys your attention but want's nothing to do with you. Poor guy he didn't even know he had my attention.Silly me, what the hell am i doing?


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