Morgan Freeman competition with Woody Allen

Freeman's movies give you the illusion of a moral, righteous,disciplined man, in creeps reality. Supposedly Freaky Freeman has been getting down and dirty with his....STEP GRANDDAUGHTER!!Whooooaa
very bile worthy.

What the hell happened to the sanctity of marriage? Why the hell have i only just discovered this? Does Morgan Freeman have no respect for his wife? This relationship had been going on for 10 years, he's even thinking of marrying her. Jesus Morgan your over 70 you should be exhausted by now!Tthey are not related by blood, but E'Dena Hines your sleeping with your 'daddy' Your 27 years old you should be out with your friends not planning a zimoframe future. Supposedly it's been happening since E'dena was 17. Once Freeman's wife found out about their secret affair she filed for divorce, he and Hines are set to wed. Wow Woody Allen is definitely Morgan Freemans new drinking did i not know this?


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