The sin of unrequited love: How to get over it

It sucks when the object of your affection is constantly rejecting you, infact it bites. How do you get over those compulsive moments of daydreaming, mental exhaustion from over analysing how every sign, or body language reflects a hidden passion?

Accept that it's not in your control. No matter what you do in life, you cannot control someone's attraction to you. Acting this way or that doesn't guarantee you'll be their perfect match. Infact sometimes the more perfect you make yourself seem to someone, the more they may subconsciously retreat.

For the record there are billions of people on Earth. Out of those billions there's bound to be someone else who rocks your both, and who is convinced you turn their world upside down. Infact it's a known fact that the more you focus on building your self esteem, making yourself emotionally available for others to get close to, which includes socialising with friends and potential partners.I personally don't believe in frustrating your eggs in one basket. It's literally sin, to keep one person on a pedastal whilst you close your window to others who might be twice as eager for the chance to get to know who you are, ad celebrate that. Ask yourself a key question, if you were a hero or a heroine in a big blockbuster movie would you want them to go out with a bang, or would you want the movie to finish with them sobbing in their soup. You decide.

(images by Dragonae and Trocloc)


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