Talkin aint the trick:Just do it

(image bY Tracy JTS)

It was a look. The look to end all looks, it was a brilliant summation of what people secretly think but don't say. I bumped into one of my friends/associates recently. I've always been addicted to motivational speaking,guys like Anthony Robbins, are the strawberry on my plate of cream. Anyway as usual i'm so juiced up on his jazz, i break into my usual motivational monologue about 'being able to do whatever you put your mind to.' True story, my friend looks at me, like "what the fuck are you giving me advice for, your just as broke as i am fool." You know what? I completely get it.
Talking aint the trick. People want to see results, life isn't Simon says. They want to see proof that not only can you do exactly what you say, but that there's hope they can.The reality is....your not always going to be able to give that to them.That instant result they require, they have to be committed enough to achieve it. Progress takes time,because life is about meaning.I believe a good goal, a real goal, meaty, and defined, is like going to the gym. Imagine putting on loads of pounds and having to work hard to burn it off. A lot of the time, the contentment and the sense of ease isn't about loosing the weight, it's about feeling strong in the knowledge that your taking action. Not just any action, consistent, focussed action. Just talking, isn't the trick.


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