Turning adversity into spectacular change

Success isn't microwaveable. On tv shows, in movies, books sometimes, their always showing you how someone else became instantly successful. Success is all about adversity. Who are you when no one else can see it? What is your mental thought process? In the ring with a bull, how will you fight? Which version of yourself do you want to be.We can't guarantee we'll be the poster child for success. You can't guarantee that people who treated you as if you were nothing will suddenly start giving you a high five every street corner you turn. They're alowed to see what they see, but what do you see? What is your vision during the process. I will guarantee that as you strive to make dramatic changes in your life, the local bullies may still talk to you like you crawled out of their arse, the person your pining for may still not want to date you, the snob will still look down his/her nose at you. They are acting in accordance with what they believe they see, and who they believe they are.Many a time i've wasted in my life trying to prove to negative people that i'm equal to them, better even. I finally came to my senses and realised the more you try to prove yourself to the wrong people, the more they wont look. They see only what they want to see. In the process you become bitter, frustrated, angry even. Say one thing to yourself, and smile in the mirror every morning, say watch this space, because something positive is happening. You now have a chance to prove yourself to you.


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