How to let go of a crush on the wrong person

picture orange crush, by flash parade

It happens to the best of us. You really like someone, or you like the idea of what that person could be, or who that person could be. You overanalyse everything into a million tiny breadcrumbs, to suit what you believe is that hidden love they feel for you.Those signals, the looks, the conversations, the body language, your imagination has locked it up real tight. Until dumm dumm confess your feelings, and your crush responds by rejecting you. Maybe you haven't even confessed your feelings yet, but you've seen the person of your dreams idolising someone else, or hear their committed to someone else.

How do you let this go? take a bit of space for yourself, and invest those passionate feelings into a project, hang out with some cool friends, and give your time and attention to someone who does feel the same way. It's easy to become resentful of them, but it's totally and utterly not worth it. You need tpo stay open. Glam yourself up, create new adventures to share with new friends, be inspired, try and make yourself happy, and show the world exactly what you have to offer. You are a catch. You may not know it yet, but you have qualities, and a warmth your crush has missed out on. Sometimes crushes who reject you can be quite nasty about it.

They can be silly and share your feelings with everyone else, they can ridicule you, yet you have to remind yourself it's nothing to be taken personally. Work on building yourself up. It's not about them anymore, it's about you. Love yourself, celebrate yourself, be there for yourself, raise your standards and set the bar higher. Say to yourself i am out of their league. If you feel your crush rejected you for shallow reasons, like skincare,haircare, or even finances. Focus on elevating yourself in those area's. Time and space heals all. Don't belittle yourself for having these feelings, we cannot control who we fall for. The more respect you have for yourself, they in turn will begin to respect you. Yet their respect is not something you need anymore. You respect you, socialise and share your qualities with the world, create new opportunities for yourself. So in time to come you will look at your reflection with pride and say, this is how i dealt with this situation..."I was totally amazing."


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