Hell nooooo, motivational speaking

passion by Bagdadi

Life isn't a personal assault on you. She's not picking you out from the multitudes, and deciding, this person, this one person is who i'm going to tear to shreds. Sometimes it feels like that doesn't it? Sometimes you feel as though whilst your pulling yourself together, the universe is picking you appart. What do you do then? You fight the smart way. Equip yourself with the knowledge and the information you need to carry yourself to new heights. The darker it seems, the highest you must climb. You want to reach that mountain, to glare at the world from your throne. Our adversities define us. They strengthen our muscles, make our backs solid and inspire us to lift our heads higher.Keep your head up. Everyday whenever i feel the sadness creeping in, i ready my armour. Exercise to strengthen the body and the mind, i research into things i'm passionate about, as we all know knowledge is power and finance. Whatever hole you find yourself in, fight your way out of it. People often say there's nothing new under the sun, the same story goes for pain. Pain is recycled. Someone has experienced what you've experienced before, find them. Wether it's trawling through the internet, consuming a book, listening to the radio, or meeting them face to face. Their information is pivotal. Lack of information stagnates us, information in abundance, sets us free. Plug in your Mp3 player and listen to your favourite motivational speaker, get out your jotter pad and write as many questions about the problem at hand as possible.

What are the potential solutions? Are there any guides to dealing with this problem, be it financial or fitness, there is always someone out there who can help, and with zillions of people out there, there is someone out there who is likely to want to help. Say heeeell nooooo, this isn't the end for me, and get as much advice as you possibly can.


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