How to make money: Saving to loose money

How often do we clutch at our pockets, terrified to invest funds for a project to take off? Maybe it was to buy a book or pay for a seminar, maybe it was even to hire ourselves a mentor. The media has run amock with stories of recession, and titilating news of companies that are going bust. This feeds into our fear of loss, and poverty, so we clutch our pockets tighter. There is a universal rule. Knowledge activated is finance. You need to be in the know, and use the knowledge you've discovered to reach higher. When we struggle to take our business or project to the next level, there is no such thing as too much information. If you lack information , you lack the promise of growth. Simply having potential is not enough. An idea is simply that, an idea. It's like a plane without an engine. You need to ask the right questions, read the right books, and contact the right person for it to take off the ground.

A few years ago i didn't have a dime to my name. Yet i wanted to start up a photography company. I was warned against it. I read articles that 'intellectually' informed me, how bad an industry the photography industry was. I read stories about people who started photography ventures and lost everything. I made the decision in my spirit, that life is not life without a little trial and error. It's the mistakes we make that often enhance us, and make our senses more keen. I bought a digital slr camera with the little money i had. Since then despite many setbacks god had persisted on my behalf. I've done a shoot for the FA cup, the mcdonalds corporation, sainsburys, red pr company, and my mentor is currently muhhammed Ali's personal photographer.

If i had given into my fear, strangled my pockets for dear life, and compiled a list of whys, i would have lost out. Forget the WHY'S, how about the why nots? How about life's too short to not go for what you want full throttle. If you have a positive outcome in mind. With the help of friends and family i was able to accomplish these things, and of course the incredible motivational and advice books that inspired me along the way. Books that educated me, and encouraged that hungry drive.


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