How to stay positive during tough times

Free spirit by zindy

I don't care what any numpty or know it all says. Staying positive consistently is one of the hardest things to do. You program your mind to be fierce,you cement it in a coat of positive thoughts and beliefs, then rattle and shake, the universe creeps in turning you into an emotional casualty.

What do you do? You mentally fight your demons the way you'd battle a school yard bully. Negative thoughts are damaging, they slow you down, douse you in doubt and intensely contaminate the process, you need to stay positive to keep yourself going otherwise you weaken your steel, and you loose momentum.A positive mindset will save your life.

Exercise is key to a positive mindset. Exercise doesn't just give you that incredible body. It strengthens the mind. It teaches you discipline, focus, drive and consistency. After a good routine and sweating it out, your body feels amazing, and your mind is revved up and rearing to go.

Write a letter to yourself as if you were your own best friend, saying all the fantastic things you are and you've accomplished. What are your skills, goals , and ambitions? How do you believe you can make a change in this world? What is your destination? How do you plan to get there, write a step by step proposal for yourself so it seems more real.

Spend less time condemning yourself and more time congratulating yourself for the positive things you do, even if you don't get the reaction required. Recently i wrote a letter of apology to someone. This person was associated with someone who is both mean spirited and vile. I wrote this apology because i'd done something, despite all the other things i'd done, this one thing appeared to had hurt his feelings. I saw him and instead of being polite ran in because i was ashamed of the state of my hair, i felt guilty for weeks. I wrote a note of apology to him, and instead of appreciating it for what it was. He used it in attempt to gain more points and favour, to ridicule, and try and humiliate me. I had done the right thing, but for the wrong person. At the time i felt secretly gutted.

We will not always recieve a perfect outcome. People wont always act in a way that we respect, or show a positive side. Yet when we have those gems, those moments of childlike innocence, we shouldn't bully ourselves for thinking with a kind and open heart.

Talk to a real best friend, family members or maybe even someone professional,they may understand how your feeling.

Have your list of goals, set about accomplishing them and ticking them off day by day.An accomplishment or an achievement help us validate ourselve. It gives us a sense of purpose, and everytime we hit the nail on the head, we feel a sense of pride. It doesn't have to be huge things, remember the little things build up the big picture.

Learn to forgive yourself, and stop replicating negative self talk. What do you say about yourself when no one's around. When there's no potential enemies so you don't have to keep the armour on. In the quiet of the night, in front of that cracked bathroom mirror. How about i can do anything i put my mind to? How about i will find a way to get through this, the universe will give me the answers i need. How about? I can. It is possible, life is trial and error.

Listen to the right music. Things that inspire and bring out the creativity in you, read the right books, books that will both motivate and inspire.

Treat yourself to humour days. Days where you can just sit in, relax and
watch comedies.

Romance yourself to a seductive bubble bath, with spa salt and scented oils. Book a massage for yourself you deserve a treat. Celebrate who you are, what you've achieved, and make a promise to accomplish something new every year, or experience an adventure and explore.


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