How to use hope and desire as leverage for success

infinity by vrxx

Key questions are always a great way to start. What do i want? Where do i see myself. Whom do i see myself becoming. Describe that image verbally, now hold unto a visualisation, as you add more detail to the image you have mentally placed before you. What car are you driving? What house are you living in, How do you feel? Now write a list of 50 steps on paper how do you get there? Do your research, what have other people done? How did they accomplish the goal you want? Read their interviews, their autobiographies if you can.Listen to Webinars online, create a list of 100 seminars you could visit to learn more information in relation to your goal. Networking is key. If your idea, product, or goal were to be successful what sort of marketing campaigns would you run? Which books would you read? Who would you speak to? And who could you help in the process. Remember the universe is all about reciprocity. Now keep visualising the success of those goals you have in place. Exercise often to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, and speak positivity to your ambitions. Remind yourself why your product, idea, or goal will work. Remind yourself, why you can do this, and take action as consistently as you can. Even if it's just little steps. Take them. Such as a phonecall, an email, visiting someone that your product or idea may be of use to. Have that image of faith and hope as leverage. Even if you go as far as printing out a giant picture of the thing you crave the most do it. Ensure you have absolute faith, absolute belief, if you find yourself lacking, youtube and any other video network is great for the inspiration you require.


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