Insanity in Business

By Benheine

It's madness they tell you. Yet your gut tells you something completely different. You have all the cards in place somehow there is a missing link. There is also information out there to find it. I often encourage people that speak to me about a problem in business, or an idea not clicking in place. To research, and research thoroughly.
If you look hard enough there is a book, or an article, a research study or a contact that can translate all your business hieroglyphics. The right information can direct you towards a gap in the market and an opportunity untapped. We dont do this because we've been informed of information overload, or ask of data. The only way knowledge is abused, is when information is not put into action. There are people who produce a truck load of data, and just sit on it not knowing they are sitting on a goldmine. This is often because they haven't taken the steps to use that information for a worthy cause. You are allowed to do the unpredictable, take a risk, and in faith make the difference you require.


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