Persistence and consistency

mountains by sh986

Persistence and consistency are the answer to any questions about progression your battling with.When the going gets tough, the tough get going.Tough people take action. Not just once, or twice, or three times, they replicate the actions they take in order for progression to take place.Fear can be paralysis.That is why we keep pushing, and keep moving forward with stealth and drive.Fear creeps in easily. It sneaks through the gates of an ambituos soul. We begin to question ourselves, we can become consumed by doubt. Can i really do this? Is it really worth it? Look how many people have failed before i have. Our eardrums hearken to the gossip of others failed attempts, people who have been left desolate and emotionally abandoned their ambitions.

They say winners never quit, and quitters never win. That's too square. Quitters get scared, paranoia sets in. Take a bite out of the sandwich one chunk ata time. Whatever your fighting for. It wont happen straight away, your allowed to slip into these sinewy moods of disappointment, yet like a black dress, slip right out of it again. During the process, we get lost in the external, someone we know may approach us in the street and have done extremely well. Sometimes we may tell them what we've accomplished and instead of giving us that praise we've been craving, there's a moment of puzzlement. Before they rebound into a mentally rehearsed "congrats, that's great for you." Do not glory hunt.

Some people need to see success to believe it, therefore, you have to believe it. Other people cannot believe in us, the way we should believe in ourselves, we need that faith to keep going. It's the fuel for the hardwork. It's the steering wheel that places a mercedes into it's perfect parking spot.


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