Picking the right people to help build up your dreams

If you let insecure people build you up, there will be moments when you feel as though your touching the clouds, and when reality hits, you'll realise you haven't even left the ground and you are barely touching the surface. Insecure toxic people are for example the friend who tells you your amazing in private, yet when any positive news happens to you, she's suddenly not taking your calls anymore, or becomes emotionally unavailable. The jealous friend who decides to tear you down publicly whenever she senses your getting more attention than her.Seriously? No matter how nice these people appear to be from time to time.

If you are around someone you feel you have to walk on tiptoe with, whenever something positive is taking place in your life, protect your goals and ambitions so when you do accomplish them it's too late for that person to do the damage inside out. It takes a lot of faith to accomplish something unusual, unpredictable and spectacular.You don't need the wrong sort of people poking and prodding at your self esteem as your trying to build yourself up. You need that strength of conviction, that belief in yourself. Don't be fooled that it is always rock solid, it can be fragile, and if you don't respect it, and you don't respect yourself enough it can collapse. You can find yourself on the wrong journey on the wrong route.


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