Shake what your mama gave ya: How to love yourself

by roxanac

Feel free to shake what your mama gave ya. People will tell you, your not pretty enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough, not successful enough. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are not put here on Earth to conform to a consensus appeal. We are put here, to grow, to expand to celebrate exactly who we are. To inspire, to set ablaze, the world we live in. With passion, joy, a hunger to share, and a craving for knowledge. The person who defined you as flawed, how many flaws have you spotted in them. I bet if you looked closely enough, you would see millions. Guess what? You've got more interesting things to look at, remind yourself, "You've got stuff to do."

Your a busy little bee, and with the time you've got, you'll use it to empower yourself and inspire those around you.People will not always give you the high five you need. You could be the most amazing person on Earth. Why do i always say this line? Because i've lived it. Growing up i always wanted to be liked,sometimes i'd go beyond the call of duty just to prove that i'm likeable, that i'm worthy. I would exaggerate my niceness to the point where i began to resent myself for my people pleasing. I would become frustrated when after all my efforts, someone would pick some random reason not to like me. It wasn't for them to like me, to appreciate me, to love me even, I had to love myself. You have to celebrate who you are. Write that list of good things bout yourself, make it dazzle as a diamond. Read it first thing every morning when you get up, and read it before you go to bed. It will have a powerful impact on your subconscious, along with exercise, a healthy diet, and some time spent with real positive people.


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