Steve Jobs rules of Success: Awesome video

Leadership is all about perseverance. Understanding who you are and what you have to do. Remembering that it won't always be fun. You wont always experience that high from it, but so long as your trying. Pushing yourself as far as you believe you can go, and extending yourself beyond. Sometimes it will be so painful, people will ask you what your doing. They'll say "Hey Buddy things don't seem to be working out for you. We can't see it." Other people are not supposed to see it, you are. Out of that pain, that hunger, that vision, is progress. I've always believed in the physical realm, what we can see, and the spiritual realm, the workings of the universe we cannot see. In the physical realm nothing may appear to be happening, yet sometimes when we sleep, those ideas, those seeds, those gems planted in our subconscious, with much persistence, and much consistency, are the difference between ultimate success and ultimate failure. The failures that come along the way, are part of the trial and error success, manufacture.


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