Dealing with anger: I love this video it's awesome

Parts of this video inspired me, some of it i don't agree with, other parts of it made me question myself and question my own unhealthy anger. I'd been angry for a while, some of it passive, others of it volatile and aggressive. I'd been in a lot of pain, it was festering, and it was translating. The object of my anger at some points seemed to be one of my neighbours. Now i look on, i realise it wasn't her, but what she stood for. I've been frustrated for years by bitchy people, or passive aggressive people. An incident that traumatised me had my anger spiralling out of control, and the target became her.I've decided to focus on building myself up, self esteem, self worth, so insignificant people don't suddenly become majestic. I realised wether their jealous, cruel, malicious, nasty, even in the tiniest of ways, it's not about them. It's about you, and how your dealing with your pain. How your dealing with your anger, how your working towards making yourself happy.

People forget how important it is to try and be happy. They think buying a new car will make them happy, a new house, having more money, being popular. Happiness comes from within. If we are angry, hurt, miserable, damaged, what's inside cannot fruitfully connect with what's outside. It means when your miserable, you cant appreciate anything, therefore your universe sulks and slinks away, unhappy to attract furthermore things that you might punish. I always thought anger was the volatile,aggressive, loud, fierce. Then i realised you can be angry and not even know it. You can still be hurt and not even know it. Pain can be quiet like that. Pain takes time to heal, and i do believe anger channeled positively and effectively into the right project makes a world of difference. Yet anger just left stewing on it's own is a threat not to you, but to the person your angry with.


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