Are you dating a jerk?

This particular species of man breed is what i'd call 'le petit arsehole.' Women can be very loyal, we can also be very naieve and very stupid when it comes to the guys we like or date. Sometimes in order to not have to take responsibility for her emotional state, a woman will brainwash herself by saying things like 'i'm probably just being dramatic,' or 'i'm probably just being over sensitive' or my favourite lay out all the horrible, nasty, mean spirited things their guy does like a desert pallette for you to nit pick at, then boom five minutes later she's all 'he's such an amazing guy though.' Seriously, is that why she's always crying? Is that why she's gotten ten times more insecure than she used to? Is that why she's a hundred times more jealous of the little joys she witnesses other people experiencing? Relationships will always have their ups and downs, yet in a nutshell, if you are seeing someone that constantly makes you feel bad about yourself, you wake up dreading seeing them in the mornings....that's not the guy for you.


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