How to deal with a cruel rejection from a guy you like?

Pretend like he doesn't exist, literally. You dont have to play nice because...he was an arsehole about it. Yet if 'mr i need some publicity' suddenly gets an attack of the conscience and starts playing uber nice. Going out of his way to bump into you, doing the whole 'hey didn't you hear me calling you routine?' yawn, yawn. Just remember he had the opportunity to be a gentleman, and decided to take the low road.
A road that meant he didn't mind, ridiculing you, humiliating you, and being cruel. After the glory of looking like a Kingpin has worn off, reality creeps in. People constantly need new things to hold an audience. Mocking you was hillarious for that moment, sadly the moments done, and the people who lack self esteem, need to be validated with a nasty story about someone else. Maybe you were always really nice to him, great to talk to, fun, inspiring, well his dmb arse has just driven fun and inspiring away. He needs to produce a strategy, that my love, is the strategy you will avoid and ignore at all cost. The aim is to show that not only did his cruelty mean nothing, there is no desire to be close to him in anyway shape or form.

 What if your crush actually did like you, well those were the signs you picked up anyway; Yet he chose to ridicule and humiliate you because that's what the people around him were doing, it was easier to be a follower than stand up and be counted.I experienced it recently and of course, it wasn't the things that other people had to say that hurt. It was the fact that he was too much of a coward to speak up. Guys like this, tend to bide their time then decide to consistently 'happen' to bump into you when no one else is around. You could be on your way to a class and none of their friends are around, suddenly this guy is hot on your heels despite his lecture being in the opposite direction. Maybe your on your way to the shops, or just waiting around for one of your friends and in higher spirits, Mr 'All GUTS' decides to saunter over to you.

My guess is it will begin with an entourage of 'notice me' nods. You know, when you have that inkling someone wants you to see them, and you happen to spot them somewhere and everywhere. Every chick has experienced this with the shy guy, now witness the ahole do it. A series of nervous and slightly embarassed nods or 'hellos'. Remorse or no remorse, sorry love, its game over from here.

That's right all the key players, meaning you, are gone. don't even let him get past the front door. Keep as firm a distance from him specifically as you possibly can. DOES THE WORD COWARD MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?

Some women "WITH EXTREMELY LOW SELF ESTEEM," defend, "he wasn't saying anything, just laughing. Guess what laughing is, it's encouragement. It's like saying, it's alright to make someone feel small, it's alright to degrade someone, it's alright to go for their confidence. In a circle of bullies and cowards guess who would be defined as the worst. The person who laughed the loudest who laughed the most.

Give other guys a chance. Socialise with as many people as you can, but don't be naieve enough or stupid enough to suddenly get the urge to see how you communicating with this guy or that guy is having an effect. By nature i've discovered men can be very posessive and very jealous, even when they dont want something. A jealous guy isn't always a guy that genuinely cares. Upgrade your standards and decide you're worthy of so much more, and one hundred times better. Are you telling me that with over a billion men in the world, this crud is the best you can do? I think not.

(2nd picture by Roosalia)


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