How to raise your standards:

See it as simply as this. If you dont raise your standards not only will you experience the frustration that comes with crumb getting, or picking guys at the bottom of the barrell, you'll experience sheer humiliation when you discover. After having turned your head, gotten your attention, guys like this will simply languish in the bliss of it, not having to put the real work in. Recently i experienced this. At an extremely low point in my life, depressed and quite lonely from time to time. I let my head be turned by a guy who had no self esteem, no self respect, no courage, and absolutely no scruples. This same guy who always seemed to want me to notice him,loiter and hover to get my attention,park literally on my doorstep if i didn't pay him any mind. As soon as it became potential public knowledge that this guy might actually like me, rather than being a man and stepping up, because the people around him didn't like me, he quickly joined them to tear me to shreds.From nasty comments,to loudmouthed ridicule, anything to fit in. This guy was the archetypal looser. He wasn't intelligent, didn't have a lot of money, wasn't the best looking guy out there. What he had was low self esteem, and used my vulnerabilities as a leverage to get him some kudos. Where am i going with this? Ladies have your standards. Raise the bar. Let the right guy put in the work, and seek out the jewel. A looser doesn't cut it. There are so many excuses you can make for his let downs, decide you deserve better, and attract better.


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