Why he cant take his eyes off you but wont ask you out?

Picture by beautiful nobody

How frustrating. The guy of your dreams keeps looking at you, and it's not the yikes you disgust me kind of look. Its those lingering stares you see in the movies, you know, the ones that make you freeze midway into your popcorn. Damn, you want that moment, the hypnotised stare, the nervous, "i er..i like you a lot, will you..." Yet your cap'n Romeo stud slash prince charming is turning this into a marathon. Simply put, you wont actually know until he tells you, or he gets comfortable enough to tell someone your close to. Maybe you make him nervous. I remember liking someone that made me so nervous i used to cross the street everytime i saw him.

Hypnotised by phoenixkeyblack

Are you sensing this dreamboat is trying to get close? Is he always licking his lips, do people keep telling you they saw him watching your bum,  asking questions about you, likes and dis likes, finding ways to be of assistance,  warming up to it. He just needs to be a bit more comfortable in his skin, so he can be the alpha male he worships on tv. Get the lay of the land, and then go for what he wants. If your picking up signs of shyness, smile more often when you see him, don't turn yourself into a macleans toothpaste advert, just a subtle smile will do the trick for now. Maybe even a polite compliment here and there, Then simply go back to all the amazing topics you were discussing with the person in front of you.

The smile will invite him in. If he starts happening to be where you are, doesn't disappear like someone running from debt collectors everytime he sees you, narrowly missing the bus right in front of him, sounds like a plus to me, my love. If you keep getting mixed signals from him which most shy guys tend to give because of their terror of the opposite sex, step back a bit. All men like a challenge and love to chase. Sometimes guys wont follow up for other key reasons, he's seeing someone already , he's not ready to date, he has other options, he's dealing with a broken heart,is insecure and doesnt feel he has much to bring to the table. In the meantime whilst he's working those gorgeous issues out in his muddled head, youre still foot loose and fancy free. YOUR AVAILABLE! So feel free to talk to, and let the other guys who do have the courage to step up, and introduce themselves. They could be great to talk to, and have a laugh with. So long as you dont exhibit yourself as some sort of playboy pornstar, there's nothing wrong with you socialising.It shows your likeable, and everyone likes desired things.


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