The Flyby friend: How to know your worth

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Have you ever described your friend as a user? That's right, that friend that you crowned BFF, gave special treatment to, only seems to contact you when they want or need something. Maybe its money, assistance, to vent, either way when you get comfortable now and decide to hit them up on the regular, that amazing friend of yours seems out of reach, emotionally unavailable. When you meet them and you haven't spoken to them in months, they launch into a full on monologue about how busy they have been, how they haven't kept in contact with anybody, yet from others you hear about trips theyve been planning, holidays, outings. Quickly take that person off their pedestal, this is what you call a flyby friend. Flyby friends are often very charismatic, likeable, very popular, so much so that they take the people around the
For granted. Sometimes it's personal, other times it's not, you need to socialise make new friends, take new risks, make sure you show, don't tell. Show that person they are not the centre of your universe. Just like you can be ignored or replaced, so can they. If it means having a label next to that persons caller I.d when they call so you can remember, or giving that person a wide berth for a while and responding in text do it. Maybe your so hurt by that person you want to take gaps from a social circle that includes them and find yourself, or even better you want to talk to them and express how you feel, that's fine. It's not about holding a grudge being bitter or resentful, it's about you validating your self to you. Reminding yourself that your worth more than feeling used and then cast aside. If it doesn't matter to you and you don't take it personally that's fine, but if it does and you find yourself irritated, or hurt, frustrated even, you are worthy of better.


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