Beating depression: Fighting for positive change

Despite many of the conflicts i'd been through in my life, dealing with depression, i found to be the most painful. Crawling into bed and sobbing without knowing what the tears were about, having narrow minded and weak strangers judge you for daring to carry the scar of pain on your forehead, pushing plates of food aside or scoffing them down and still feeling empty. Depression leaves you with a vacum, a hollow in your heart that seems to throb and vibrate, you almost want to console strangers that awkwardly change seats, or in my case parrot lies, and fiction to their children...listen i'm not contagious. I'm just going through a hard time that's all. Something needs fixing, maybe it's your love life, the feeling that you are the only person on this monochrome Island of pain.

1) First things first. Do not be ashamed of what your going through. Celebrities and some of the gteatest men and women in history went through this. When you reach rock bottom the only thing left to do is climb. Till there's sores and blisters on our tidy little hands. Adversity defines us

2) Your still standing. Your still here, you have moments left, there's something you can change. We often look at dramatic change as a gradual process, as something that's done with perfect methodology. Change is a decision we make in a moment. It's the choice we make between sob stories, self pity, or taking that evening stroll our mind needs for a cool perspective.

3) Laugh. Even if you don't feel like it. Find a stack of comedy dvd's, dress up in front of the mirror,remember what you looked like when you were happy. When it leaked off you like a scent.

4) Write a list of all the things you bash yourself about day in and day out. Maybe it's little things, silly things, like going after a guy who humiliated you, or begging an ex to take you back, even though they always disappoint you.

5) Exercise. Exercise is a powerful tool for the mind. It's great for the body, but exceptional for the mind. We feel strong when we exercise. Dynamic, it helps boost our self confidence.

6) Talk to someone it doesn't have to just be a specialist, talk to someone about how you feel. Get a different perspective. The world seems so sinister when were looking at it from a dark place. We need the positivity, the joy, to make contact with those who embrace life so they can inspire us.

7) Start a project, begin a diary, explore, explore, explore. Take a bold step, climb out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we make the mistake of doing this and comparing our lives to others around us, then becoming frustrated that they are not witnessing, they dont see, or they don't even care. We have to care. You have to care about you.

8) Forgive yourself and stop begrudging yourself a poor choice, or that your not where wou need to be right now. Your not living a postcard life to flash to your friends or enemies that made your life hell. It's not their life, it's not their time. It's your's dont waste it.

9) Go shopping,visit your local cinema. Write a list of top 10 ways you used to have fun, and add to it.

10) Positively affirm to yourself day by day, things will get better, things are getting better. Change is coming even if you can't see it yet.


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