How to get over a jerk!!

He's a jerk!! Or was a jerk!! your friends say, quit being such a baby. LET. IT GO. Sadly between sleep and awake you find yourself wrapped up in those cotton cushions, those hazard signs, that warning that you could actually be letting go of the love of your life. Relationships are complicated right, there's nothing black and white, he even said it, he even said the L word to you, the moment was perfectly framed in your mind. Then as if by stroke of lightening, the romanticism is quickly replaced by memories of humiliation, times you felt as though you were literally begging for his affection, and all the suspicions you had about him, the ex, and every other chick out there.You've finally made up your mind. It's Over.Here are the key things to do in order to move on.

Those late night Phone calls he's giving you, the offer to cuddle up, and potentially indulge in the past. You wont be picking those up anymore, that's his way of trying to get you to stay on. None of the commitment all the goodies in between

Start reconnecting with the rest of the world. Old friends to go shopping with, try on outfits, and remind you that your still delicious enough to hypnotise. Close friends to remind you what fun felt like without the over analysis of boyfriend stuff

Dating. My god YOU'RE ALLOWED!! Yep you can reawaken your sensual side,enjoy the first date nervous excitement, the joy of meeting new people, the grandeur of being treated like your centre stage. You are accessible. And accessible people can have as many gorgeous guys tell them how amazing, and wonderful and stunning and amazing they are on a table with lobsters and champagne.

Stop questioning your decision. Bringing up examples where you did something bad and maybe he just needs a second chance. You defined him as a jerk for a reason. If you've made your mind up to search for your prince charming in clearer waters,(as in waters your beau hasn't pissed in) enjoy the experience.

Stop comparing every guy you meet to Mr selfish. If you compare, it will be hard to give the right guy a chance, because he will sense that he keeps being measured against other peoples low standards.

Focus on building your self esteem and self confidence. Sometime's, and i am sad to say, there are certain women who attract loosers. Why is this? Because of an extreme lack of self esteem. They become a target for jerks who aren't even close to their level, seducing them and treating them like crap. Know who you are, and know what your worth.

Believe you are worthy of a good guy, a relationship where there's love, equality, and respect.


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