Spotting the jerk

image by strange

I'd braved it, stepped out of my comfort zone, swallowed hard, taken a risk and there it was in black and white. The snickers, the laughter, the constant commentary and humiliation. It sucked. Rejection sucks doesnt it.Only id been rejected by a guy i didn't actually like. Loneliness had gotten the better of me and there i was going after a guy who i thought could at least be a cool friend. He seemed like a nice guy. For a while after you get that kick in the gut, i will guarantee you'll feel like a total looser. Then sanity hits you. Reaching out to a guy i thought i might like, despite the fear, anxiety, didn't make me a looser. His behaviour, revealed to me what i didn't see in those momentary glimpses. You know, when you like someone and you begin to build an identity for them.This guy wasn't just an arsehole, he was weak, and a follower.

We deserve the right people in our lives. Wether it's a friend, or a lover, or a family member. Someone's actions will always tell you who they are, yet it's up to you and wether your willing to see. We set the standard for how we will allow ourselves to be treated. If the bar is low, build up that self esteem, and raise it a little higher


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