Step at a time: Your growth

One step at a time. Have you ever started something that feels so overwhelming you simply step back and awe at it? Tomorrow you'll do it, next week, you'll do it, friday you'll do it. There are lessons to be learned in life. I have a habbit of just throwing myself into things, and expecting results instantly. Recently i experienced different phases of sadness.The type that just creeps in when there's gap in the mind, and i put on quite a bit of weight. I went into it with the usual overzealous exercise regiments, poor dieting habbits, and bullying the mirror into convincing myself i was my perfect shape again. This time all those effective trends were not working, i thought what the hell am i doing wrong? Then my brother said it so simply, "You're so impatient...Geeeze!" There it was in a nutshell, it wasn't so much that my new fitness regiment, with healthy diet wasn't working, i wasn't giving it the chance to work. I was obsessing too much. Progress is a journey that takes time. Give yourself the chance to grow, we are not perfect people. Were like children in lifes womb, developing.If your kicking yourself, comparing yourself, disecting your every move, you will not accomplish your ultimate be happy.


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