Anger: How to deal with narcissistic people

Anger is defective when dealing with  nasty narcissistic people. You may think sparking yourself up with fury, being the one person that will take them on makes you the hero. Sadly sometimes by default we find ourselves turning into that which we despise the most. Push down on your clutch, that is not your destination. Maybe youre the type of individual that believes if i just show this person the error of their ways, they learn they cant do cruel things to decent people, they'll change. Change is a choice that comes from within. Let their own vicious spirit disempower them. Focus on running your race. If you become the target of their abuse, or malice, make yourself like teflon with your goals,passion, and eagle eyes on your own life and ambitions.If you can make a positive change in your own life, you can make a positive change in the lives of those worthy enough to deserve your attentions. Everybody has insecurities and weak people especially narcissistic strategist will go out of their way to make you look weak so they can feel strong. That momentary high lasts only for a minute, in private these people are often bought crashing down with their own reality. The holes, gaps, and longings they have. The envy they feel for you and others is like an acid in their throat. In no way must you allow their energy to tie up with yours. In no way must you allow yourself to be plagued, condemn and emotionally whipped, by the inferiority complex which rests perched on their shoulder, like a parrot in their ear. You are worth ten of them, and they know it. Anger leads to blind strategy, it's as if your crutches have been whipped away from you, and there you are stumbling on the pavement. Walk tall, with your head up, as though it were touching the moon. You are worth ten of need to remember because everytime they wind you up, or you hear something nasty they've done to someone else, you'll feel that shock of anger, and you'll need to co ax yourself off that ledge.

image by Meagan Marie


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