Bounce back mentality: Combating negative self talk

Today was about to be a kick myself day. I had a plan, and hadn't predicted that when the morning rolled in, not only would I have missed out on some sleep and wake up exhausted, my frame of mind would have sunk to an almost depressed compressed state; there would be a string of rebuffs, rebuttals, insults for myself a mile long. I was furious with myself. Things needed to go according to plan, and I needed to prove I could validate myself. Life doesn't always go according to plan. We'll have high days, low days, moments when energy is sucked out from us through a straw. Do what you can on that day. Listen to what you can if it's classical music motivational speaking seminars, exercise, and take everything a step at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with negative self talk, you will slip up and make mistakes from time to time;yet for your goal to be accomplished,these moments are where you learn the most powerful lesson.Crippling your imagination and growth with toxic put downs. Ripping yourself apart will not do the trick. Whatever this challenge is, especially if it is something positive that can carry you into a better place. You can do this,finish the biscuit bite by bite. whatever the goal, plan, ambition; remember it will take time, and time provides us with a buffet of mistakes. So we can learn from them and see how quickly we can bounce back. We are a product of our mistakes, and what defines strength, is how you handle yourself in the midst of the chaos and your recovery. For example in gymnastics we awe at how many triple somersaults and backflips a gymnast can do. Yet if you look closely what they're also marked on, is how effectively and gracefully they land. 1st Image by GDS WORLD 2nd Image by Clashed


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