Can winning the lottery ruin your life?

There have been a few documentaries on how winning the lottery ruined the lives of people who literally overnight became worth millions. Can they truly blame it on the money though? People who became human ATM machines, or complained their money either alienated people or brought about a sense of paranoia. Money has and always will bring certain traits to light. If someone has a selfish character, or the people who were in your life show up just to play sucubus, who they are will become more apparent because their greed has more to acquire.If you feel as though your being used, take a stand. Dont throw expensive parties to exhaust what you have, and then complain the people you were advertising yourself for, actually showed up because of your advert. There are loads of lottery winners who managed their money well before hand, and managed their friends well also. When that million came, they probably handled it the way they handled most of their money, bought a few treats here and there, made some investments, then got saving again. In the area of money those who love and want to protect us will always want to protect us. Those who weave in and out of our lives, will always appear when there's a juicy treat lined up in the shadows somewhere. We have to create the barriers and the lines of distinction. What does everybody else think, can winning the lottery ruin your life or do we just accept it makes it miles and miles better?


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