Climbing Fences: Trust and why you should Let the world in (again)

If you let me see beneath your beautiful;
If you let me see beneath your wonderful.....

Emily sande and Labyrinth lyrics
How often do we find it hard to let others get close. Close enough to see beyond the barriers we put in place. Barriers that sometimes look like tidy garden fences, then you get close enough and you see it's the great wall of China. Some of us are bold enough to flood the world in. We say to ourselves if you can take me, then i'm ready for you. Others have been made shy through pain, trauma or damage. We let them tip toe in like fingertips across a new keyboard. We invite our 'strangefolk' one slice of pie at a time. We are so neatly cotton wrapped in old regrets, the fear of sinking to the bottom and watching everything come appart, watching those who we grew attached to leave, because their too many flaws we had which they didn't see coming. Suitcases packed, jet pack at the ready. Here's a lesson that I learned the hard way. When your on your last legs, damaged, broken, or simply vulnerable, the real people show themselves. Not the plastic shapes. Or the contacts that are great to talk to when your life's neatly folded. The real people suit up, and their ready to duke it out with you, because everything else before that was a test. Their comfortable to show you if your employing their the person you should be hiring. If you've alienated yourself from everyone because someone you loved so dearly let you down, or showed you something you didn't want to see. I've been there many times before, you have to start letting the world in a smile or a slice of pie at a time. There is growth in isolation of course. Loneliness leads us to ponder a whirlwind of thought. Yet whilst we play hide and seek with the world, were missing out. On potentially good people, adventures, clues that lead to great ideas, potential connectors for whatever scheme you're working on. The right people will be willing to take the time, to scale that fence of yours, and land on your doorstep or even in your backgarden. Letting people in doesn't guarantee everything will be amazing and they'll be immaculate in character; it doesn't mean people will never disappoint you in life, it means that you're stronger than any jack in the box situation, and you bounce back.

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