Crucifying your critics

Words hurt. Their like chipped glass breaking the surface of the skin, letting the blood taint flesh. Words hurt. I've experienced words that are a corker and catapulted the most immaculate insults. No matter what people say it can not take away simply from who we are. Critics love to criticise, haters will always hate. They do this because you are a threat to them in some way. Because their jealous, or because their not intelligent enough to invest their time doing something more positive. They think the universe will wait whilst they Throw stones. They expect time and age to take pause, or take some leave of absence whilst they shine the dirt off their stones and bring out the binoculars. When I was in high school the ladies had a saying for ridiculous people that do ridiculous things, "you've got time." Now that we're older I understand these girls understand the relevance of this statement. Remind yourself that you are Teflon and fight to hold unto your joy. If someone needs to pull you down to make themselves feel strong, soon enough others begin to see through them. Whilst their busy being clear as cling film, you focus on building your life and holding unto your joy. Happiness does not last forever. Life's tide is always changing, hold unto yours for dear life

image by Ivanandreevich


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