David Blaine: Dynamic.Crazy. Or you?

In David blaines ted interview titled how I held my breath for 17 minutes underwater. We awe at his ability to do impossible things. Things that many would define as infinitely crazy. Some of us seek out articles about other brilliant people, hoping their genius and their gutsiness will rub off on us. There is a universe of bravely impossible things that lies within all of us. The ability to master our mindset, turn water into wine and inspire those around us. Look at who we became on that journey, look how high we thought we could soar, we couldn't fly there so we climbed there, each step, each trudge discarding the burdens of our troubled souls. We got rid of friends that said it was impossible, negative influences that turned us into oil in our skin, we put antiseptic words on scars that took years to heal, and reminded our shadows to stay at our sides. This is your journey, you may be tired now, a lot of things may have happened, you may fill excuses leaking out of your ears as you view the world from your kaleidoscope. This is what happens on any marathon, momentum is the middle man, continue to take action and fight. Your goal may not be accomplished in a week, a month, a year even, but remember you are the right athlete on the right track.


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