Ditching the dating Blame game

Unintelligent Cringe worthy So not my type, Jerk....as I scribbled another list of why I should move on from the wrong guy, feelings of pain and bitterness etched in my heart, I realised something. I could spend a lifetime pointing the finger and insulting the guys I'd made the mistake of showing affections, or I could take responsibility for the poor choices I was making. I chose them. Despite knowing in my spirit these guys weren't for me, they were not guys who would respect me because they didn't especially have much respect for themselves. Life was teaching me a lesson. I could either rot where I was and end up bitter and twisted or embrace a key message, there was a lesson to learn here. Value yourself, respect who you are, and celebrate the positive choices you've made within your life. This is your life and no one else's.
You are bound to make mistakes.There is no such thing as an immaculate human being. We are all deliciously flawed.The importance of mistakes are the potent lessons we learn from them.I learned to choose who i give my time, attentions,affections too more wisely.I learned to pay more attention to character, rather than a sweet tongue, or some pretty eyes. Judge judy once said beauty fades but dumb is forever.Translated? Prize yourself.It's not ego or arrogance, it's a message that speaks volumes, you want my respect? EARN IT.Every so often you'll make a bad choice, take responsibility for it and move on. image from the texas tribune


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