Driving Life backwards...How to focus on moving forward

I wanted to scream and shriek. Fling as many things at my target as I could. Bruise an eye, batter a lip. Then I realised I would have done too much damage to myself. Often our fury, our rage is not circumstantial, we are fighting the demons of the past. Pain that lurks with cigar and glass in hand, asking us if we'd like a drink. We often comply then become drunk and dizzy with the memory of our own vulnerability. Growing up I was always told that if you left the lid off food, it would go rotten. Everything had to be covered, protected, guarded, yet the reality is if you leave anything to linger unchecked for a long time there is the possibility of rot. Check yourself, even if it's day to day, looking at goals, acknowledging old feelings, looking for ways to grow and progress. We are only our past if we live there. Driving forwards and looking backwards only guarantees a crash. Focus on the now,and get your clutch ready as you drive into the future. This is your journey you want to get to that future you envisaged.


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