Fighting fear with Fire:Tugging at creativity

Some lies are allowed. Like when your confidence is on its last legs, your struggling to find the motivation to take charge of a task and your goal seems so big because inside you feel so small.Talk yourself up. If anyone can do this i can do this. I've got the confidence, creativity,strength and the guts. It's already been done before. If it hasn't been, im the one to bring such a positive spectacle to light. I have the charisma, the drive, i'll find the structures to drag this rogue bull by it's stubborn horns.... i'm just about ready to show it whose boss. Maybe i am encouraging delusions of grandeur in my audience, but guess what,we are not deluded. From walking on the moon, building Spaceships,Christopher Columbus refused to believe the world was flat. For his 'delusion of grandeur' the travel industry throughout all the 'international incidences' is guaranteed to make millions every year. He unleashed the Christopher Columbus in all of us, and those who want to explore,explore. Those who want to escape, try their hand at it, simply because there is somewhere to explore and escape too.
Remind yourself, I'm not failing I'm learning. I can beat this fear. I just need to take that one bold step. Even of I fall on my arse, the universe knows I'm trying. When your tired and feel like quitting, go to your mirror and say "I'm energised, I'm unstoppable." If your procrastinating start with a neat and tidy dot in the centre of your blank page or computer screen. Then walk away. In the next five to ten minutes ask yourself a series of questions. Then begin to scribble them on the page or computer. Maybe an image came to mind, sketch it in rough. We are allowed to produce imperfect things, because life is evolution. New ideas will come to you, this is just the foundation and your trying to make it sturdy. image by Syda Ginger image by Vantasyartz


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