How to deal with feeling left out

Feeling left out? As though your things for sure your not a Martian right now. Who knows maybe Martians are actually cool. Youre allowed to feel different and experience that platelet shift of not being like those around you. Guess what? Connection is needed.Venture out seek like minded positive and ambituos people. Dressed up,or dressed down, remind yourself that you are something special.Worthy of love and companionship. Meeting new people can be exciting, it's not always plain scary. Seeing what you have in common with them, inviting them for dinners, parties, keeping them up to date, and hearing their good news. That's fun. We all have moments when we feel left out, or the people who knew us, begin to feel like aliens in our carefully padded world.Talk to the people you love and care about explaining that you feel slightly estranged. If it's not being able to find the time to keep up, make time....there's always a fold somewhere. Reach out and meet new people, or get busy and focused on developing who you are. Change is inevitable in life, when the tide moves, we have to move with it. Sharing your emotions is very important, nobody's psychic. They may not know that their conversations with their new friend about all these flashy gadgets you cant afford is making you feel bad about yourself;maybe they've overloaded on time with their current partner, and now their dating that person they seem to know everything about his/her friends, yet sadly they keep missing key things that have taken place in your life. Express how youre feeling. Hard as it is, try not to blame them for your emotional inbalance right now. This feeling of lack comes from within, the fear of being left behind comes from within. If your feeling lost, it means you have to find yourself. In life we deal with these feelings over and over again. We have to master our own mental and emotional strength to beat them.The biggest key is building confidence, and knowing in your heart, that those who love you will always want to see you or spend time in your company, because there's something unique about you. If your feeling left out because of a lack of progress, your time will come. Fight to be happy for when it does. There are people who have achieved goals and are more miserable than if they'd made any plans. image by Stephart09


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