How to deal with those who say you cant: Facing the impossible dream

Everyone loves's a dreamer. Their ambition melts off the tip of their tongue like churned butter. They are the artist painting a vision of beauty, and the sales person who has you mentally on the fringe. We all like being dreamers, and someday, sounds so exciting, and so safe. Yet in this lifetime you'll meet people that will choke your 'someday blues' aggressively ask you the intricacies of such a master plan. "Who, what, where, which time, give me a date, give me a number? Explain this goal thouroughly to me, it makes no sense." These people are your best friend. They force us to take actions, make plans, provide timelines, and prove ourselves to ourselves. Talk is very cheap. Anyone can define themselves a mastermind, a leader,a guru of some kind, yet without the hard work and the goals, the structure and discipline to complete these glorious visions, they are heading for a huge fall. Failure is talk without discipline, goals without strategy, a lack of consistency. I've learned the hard way, and i'm still learning, lack of consistency leads to failure that could easily be avoided. Every successful person has to fail. Yet i learned from a great person "it is important to not build your castles in the sky." To some that may appear to be a negative statement, yet somehow, i think it's empowering. So how do you deal with people who say you cant? Step 1 Know you can and decide the strategy, steps, and timeline your going to do in order to achieve your goal. Step 2 Do your research. Research isn't just for knowledge with a foundation, research also assists you in validating the possibility of your accomplishment. Who has done what you've done? How have they done it? How can you make your model better? Step 3 There are 24 hours in a day, constantly ask yourself the key question. "Am i being lazy? Have i made this excuse before? How will i feel a year from now when someone says 'patronisingly' 'so hows that little dream of yours coming along then?" If your goal is to loose weight, and your sitting on your arse just watching tv, remind yourself that most of the people in the shows you like make it a must to look fit and healthy. Or your dream is to make that first million guess what...most of the people in the talk shows you like, or the films you worship are making their money, whilst their eating up your time. The most popular reason people want to make money is because they hate their jobs. How desperate are you to leave? Step 4 Take action. Constantly remind yourself, there are no excuses good enough. I'm taking no prisoners, i'm doing this....and then do it. Step 5 Network effectively then get down to business. Many people become caught up in networking, especially business networking because their around positive people who consistently tell them, their ideas are amazing, their guaranteed success, and implimenting 'these strategies' will give them an edge over the competition. That is not always true. The skills you need to learn are out there on the field. You need the failures to give you the wisdom you need to succeed, you cant get that trapping yourself in a scenario where everyone is patting you on your shoulder saying 'your so amazing'. You need to be out there learning from your competition, it's great to have people build you up when you fall appart, but the world doesn't always agree with you. Step 6 Use your reasons to motivate you, no matter how silly they are. From an ex husband moving on, to feeling utterly humiliated, use the negative to channel the positive. Those reasons will not, let you down. Their haunting you, and so will the need to achieve those ambitions you set for yourself. Step 7 Everytime you accomplish a goal reward yourself with some praise or treat yourself to simple pleasures. Maybe a trip to the cinema, a shopping spree...with a budget of course, a gold star on a chart this is you, 'making things happen. Denying those utterly delicious excuses.' Step 8 Prepare for some casualties. That's right, sacrifices may have to be made. Your best friend whose pocket you literally live out of, those tv shows you worship as addiction, constantly inform them. Your busy, but you will be able to catch up as soon as you can. Your just trying to get this done, it's not personal. Watch out for needy friends, they conveniently decide they 'neeeed you even more' now your attentions are elsewhere.
Step 9 Get as much information anywhere you can....and use it. Many people hoarde information by the truck loads, and all these flaws i describe i've had them. They show up at every event, seminar, workshop, download or spend a fortune on every book, they possibly could....and it's all ignored post initial excitement. Knowledge is power, use the information given to you. Anthony Robbins once said, "Success leaves clues," follow those tracks, most of the successful people you meet in life, have all followed the same patterns. Step 9 Extraodinary people put in the extraodinary hard work. Those contacts or clients aren't gonna come to you if your spending the entirety watching television. It's a game of rabbit versus hound, i'm not saying chase them down and kill them. I'm saying hunt with all the passion, gusto, and free spirit you have in you. I wouldn't recommend begging, nobody likes a beggar. I would reccommend being active. Step 10 Have patience. Anything that is meant to flourish will take it's time. Beautiful trees dont explode with vibrant colours the day you plant them. They take their time to grow or expand, till you awe at what they become. All in all those 'cant do' people should be used to motivate you. If as soon as someone say's you cant achieve something you throw in the towel and sulk, oooops there goes your dream. I learnt the hard way, ambition isn't all about talk. It's like a game of baseball, the pitcher, pitches and you just keep running, determined to hit a home run, without looking back. So take action, do something today, and remember extraodinary people take extraodinary actions.


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