How to stop jumping to conclusions

It's easy to jump to the worst conclusions, especially when you've been through the worst. Everyone becomes a suspect for our fear and old wounds release the puss that makes us emotionally chlaustrophobic. An ex cheated on you, your current boyfriend is consistently running late, a best friend was spreading lies about you, what are all these secret meetings your other friends are having without you, your boss wants an impromptu meet, your nerves have gone into over drive. Have more than one conclusion you jump to. Conclusions are such final things. When we consistently make the wrong ones we keep ourselves paralytic with fear and paranoia. We begin to separate ourselves from people were close to. Making snap judgements whilst treading on the eggshells of our mind. Accept this, no matter what someone's intention, agenda, or feeling is, you will rise above it like a phoenix.Maybe it's gut instinct that has the wheels of your mind spinning in motion, there's something about that person you just dont trust? Trust you. Trust your own strength. You've come back from negative people and sinister agenda's many times before. Focus on giving your time to people you do trust, your attention to people who you do believe respect you enough not to violate such sweet raport. Don't waste your time judging to conclusions, you'll either end up crazy, mistrustful, or creating a wide berth between you and people there need be no complaint with. Whatever they do, is their problem. Focus on you, your life is for living, is it really worth wasting it on taking notes. I know, i've wasted a lot of time only to find out, sometimes the conclusions were either wrong, or if they were right.....realising i should have focussed my energy on something else.If you suspect somethings wrong...ask? Passive aggressiveness will get you nowhere. Face it, jumping to conclusions wont make anyone happy, especially not you.

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