I love this video Joel Osteen: Knowing what to ignore

I love this video. I probably posted this already, if i have i'm happy to say....im posting it all over again. It is impoortant to know what to ignore. It's tough to know what to ignore. We are quickly and so easily dragged into someone else's mess, unhappiness and frustrations. There are many times in my life i wasted on negative people, only to step back and reassess. I'm not like them. As bitchy as they are, as unhappy as they are. Everything they say is a reflection of their own discontent. You could have ten people, a hundred people, even 10,000 people joining them to criticise and condemn who you are. Especially if youre a positive person or attempting desperately to move forward joyfully and gracefully with your life. Learning to ignore saboteurs and back stabbers is one of the hardest things we will fight to accomplish in our lives. We have to accept, they are unimportant people, crowing to hide their insecurities about themselves behind you. We are all flawed and mechanics trying to fix our live's, so fight to focus on that.


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