Icarus: Are you too close and falling?

Icarus. The story of the boy who flew too close to the sun and came crashing down, one of the most infamous Greek myths of old. There are many Icarus in our society, people who have reached for the sun with both hands only to plummet to the earth. The many Icarus of our Icarus breed warn us how much trouble our greed could get us into,Some give a kind word in our ears warning us of the dangers of our plight, the threats that lurk like ghouls in the air. We know though that we were out of Orbit, it wasn't sheer greed it was ambition, as ammunition. Risks don't always pan out. Then we dust our Ego's off, lull our insecurities to sleep the best we can, and hurl ourselves back on the bucking bronco. We're allowed to take risks, risks that lead to positive progress. You only live once
image by catgirlkakari


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