Music in the must: Why stalling isn't the answer

What is your must?
Anthony Robbins said whatever we make a must we do, things that we say we 'should' do barely ever happen. Or if they do happen, they happen in consistently. There are thousands probably millions of contrived bestsellers with snazzy titles, some are cheaply priced, others cost a fortune. Each book has a series of significant tips, yet things we already know, we buy them anyway, to make it appear in our minds that were doing something. I'm gonna be successful because i bought a book. There is much to learn in literature and self help books are fantastic. Yet there is a simple key, something that stirs within us and purrs like a kitten. Knowledge. Hardwork is key, consistency is the platinum key to any success.Daily repetition, having a goal insight and repeating it with obsession. Research away of course, is what you're doing working for the guy whose worth 3 million, billion, thousands. Is your formula strong. I spent years not taking the right action and hiding behind a series of self help books. Bedside books which i consumed greedily, whilst joyfully avoiding doing the actual grunt work that's needed for success. With every chapter i read over a thousand times, i would say to myself, wow your definitely taking action. I wasn't. I was hiding behind other people's effective knowledge rather than activating it. There is music in the must, make your goal your must.  Make it definitive.


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