Navigating to need: How to get things done!

Make what you want what you need, so there are no room for excuses. There's nothing more frustrating than being stuck on planet idea, with no consecutive action towards it. You find yourself amongst a lifetime of great ideas and bad strategy. The worst strategy of all being the favourite, curl up in front of the tv, talk to your friends about how great-no amazing your idea is, and hoping people pat you on the back for how intelligent you are. People will get tired of giving you high fives with absolutely no action and no result. Laziness is the poor man's best friend. Hopefully we are trying to proove to ourselves, not only are we not lazy but were also not afraid of a challenge. Here are the top key needs that are necessary before you face this.

1) First of all smile, it's not torture. You are setting up a series of events that are changing your lifestyle and changing the way you see yourself.

2)Remind yourself why this is fun! Fun! Fun!

3) List all the reasons why it is a necessity you get this goal accomplished.

4) Map out a plan of action. Strategy,strategy,strategy
What is your strategy? What are steps Ato Z? Who are you gonna call?...hopefully not ghostbusters

5) Start researching, and produce a portfolio of people who have done what you want to accomplish. What are their backstories? How many times did they fail? Who did they connect with to try and accomplish this goal?

6) If you could accomplish your goal by next week? Next month even? How would you feel? Visualise yourself, hold unto that feeling and let it push you forward

7) As much as fear is a great deterrent it's also a great motivator. What are the downsides of you not taking action and accomplishing this goal?


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