Recycling respect

Fury gives us amnesia. In rage we forget a friend who sat and listened to our tears. The colleague who supported us during a troubling time, and the family member who seemed to have the answers even when we thought we didn't need them. In fury we become our own lawyers, justifying everything with bullet proof arguments. I've been angry many a time, enraged, pissed off, but when the storm cools most days I can look myself square in the mirror, because despite my anger I'm not scared to put my hands up and say "I was wrong. Sorry."  There are people who literally cant bare to apologise, even if they know they were wrong. A potential apology is replaced by cover up gestures, maybe someone you know screwed up insanely and their bad behaviour is usually smoothed over by jokes, or a "i accidentally pressed your number on my phone," type of comment. Maybe there's a guilty tone in their voice, dont let the anger over take you. Be honest and say. "Apologising doesn't make anyone weak. Were close and i show you respect, im allowed to want some respect back." It's called recycling. Having a humble heart does not make someone weak. People who respect you know when they've crossed a line, they apologise because they respect you. Wether it's pride, or ego, when you take a stand against someone's poor behaviour, they'll think twice before doing it. Saying sorry isn't tainted.

image by Ryo says meow


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